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Lifestyles College of Development Media Literacy Course Creates Remix, “I Will Never Deny You”


Please take the time to listen to the hope, inspiration, and courage of students at Lifestyles College that is revealed through this September 21, 2012 class project. The collaboration and production of their version of this classic song is available for your listening pleasure. Thank you to all the students at Lifestyles College and to Instructor Seth “Brimstone” Schere for his talent, hard work, and endless dedication to helping students find their purpose, passion, and talent through in depth explorations of media, literature, arts, and music.




Lifestyles College of Development Launches “ The Cause “


Great visions are becoming a reality at Lifestyles College of Development. Two different non-profit causes came to life in the month of March. What started as a small conversation between two students has turned into a "Machine of Giving," thanks to visionary leaders. They have formed a large group of interested and inspired students and named themselves, "The Cause.""The Cause" meets Tuesday nights at 7:30pm at Lifestyles College of Development.


Cause number 1 is dedicated to improving the environment starting with local enhancements. Activities include cleaning the local Delray Beach community focusing on recycling. Implementation of these efforts is noticeable in the classroom building at Lifestyles. Located in the front of this building are two different recycling containers that require separation of paper and plastics. This is the first phase of the environmental group efforts.

Cause number 2 is dedicated to helping young mothers at homeless shelters. Activities include fundraising money to help provide the local shelters with supplies they may be struggling to provide these families. This is the first phase of this group.


Updates are coming soon!




"The Cause" at Lifestyles College of Development

"The Cause" Founders: Alex W and Bryan N

Author: Andrew D


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